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In addition, the Copyright Office will release video tutorials for GRPPH and GRUPH, which will provide step-by-step instructions for completing the new applications. On January 17, 2018, the Office published a final rule amending the Office’s deposit requirements for certain types of literary works and musical compositions.

In its notice of proposed rulemaking, the Office noted that, in most cases, it does not retain a copy of published works if the applicant submitted the work in a physical format and the Library of Congress selected that work for its collections. In the past, the online application only included the identifiers for ISBN (International Standard Book Number), ISSN (International Standard Serial Number), and ISRC (International Standard Recording Code).

Important Note: Although these new applications have been made available to the public, and can be filled out and prepared for submission at this time, they should not actually be used to submit any claims until the final rule goes into effect.

The Office released the new applications ahead of the effective date to give photographers an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the new forms.

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Copyright Office issued a final rule which amended its regulation governing group registration of published photographs (“GRPPH”) and created a new regulation governing group registration of unpublished photographs (“GRUPH”). If the Office receives any claims on these forms before that date, the effective date of registration will be reset to February 20, 2018.Plant an Indoor Garden: Get your hands dirty with 100% certified organic seeds from Urban Harvest.Practice the art of massage: Work some magic with Akita rosewater, an antioxidant and powerful mood enhancer.Hike the Bruce Trail: 900 kilometres of trails with awe-inspiring vistas, waterfalls, plant and wildlife.Plan a trip to a local winery/brewery: Try Southbrook Vineyards, Rosewood Estates or Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company!The Office also noted that if applicants want to ensure that the Office retains a precise record of what was submitted for registration, they are encouraged to include an international standard number in the application if one has been assigned to the work. Today’s technical upgrade enhances the online application by adding the other identifiers listed above.

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