Dating with an age difference


Some age gaps are irrelevant, especially when the maturity level of both people involved is balanced.

However, when there are ten or more years between you, then there are risks of the relationship failing.

When it comes to socialising with your date, you may have some issues.

Your idea of a pleasant evening out might not be the same as your younger date.

On the other hand, older people have more experience with life, and relationships, and therefore they are more than likely to have made any mistakes prior to meeting you.

Nowadays it is common to see older men dating younger women, often half their age.

Dating someone old enough to be your parent or young enough to be your son or daughter will often bring disapproval from family members.

This isn't to say that in every occasion dating someone older will make you feel young, as everyone is different and people don't always act their age.They may enjoy bars and clubs, whereas you might prefer restaurants and the theatre.This is when you need to compromise and find a balance between your preferred location and theirs.Being at an age where you feel ready to settle down and start a family could cause problems, especially if the person you are dating doesn't wish to settle down for many years to come.Alternatively you may already have children and a failed marriage, and aren't looking for that.There is a possibility that they already have children and don't wish to have any more, or they may have previously been married and don't wish to marry again.

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