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Or, you simply want a one-night pass that can be renewed indefinitely.

And you need to know whether your dining companion is up to the task.

Natural selection created decision-making adaptations not to maximize accuracy but to minimize the more costly error." Faced with uncertainty about people and predators throughout human history, we again and again took the safe road.

Seeing the world through our own warped force field is standard operating procedure.

Because men invest less of themselves in offspring relative to women, it is in their genetic interests to reproduce as much as possible.

Therefore, perceptions that promote sexual assertiveness tend to be functional.

, readers are informed that: "Peter Bowen graduated from the highly competitive Welsh pointing circuit and has been followed by several others, notably Evan Williams, Alison Thorpe, Keith Goldsworthy and the aforementioned Tim Vaughan, who have all helped to make South and West Wales a hotbed for jumps racing.

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"If you lower the threshold for noting fires, you're going to have more false alarms.

Seated at a well-appointed table, you mull the choice between crab cakes and seared tuna, but truly you are sorting through a mental repertoire of wisecracks and war stories.

If you are secure in your improvisational charms, you might use this moment to appraise the cleavage or cufflinks of the woman or man across the table.

We routinely bring both cold reason and outsized misconceptions to a relationship. A woman will accurately gauge her date's personality on first meeting, but she will grow more convinced of his good humor and charm if they stick together.

To woo a woman, a guy will grossly exaggerate his income, commitment, and affection for cuddly creatures. Jane Austen nailed women's intricate courtship calculus, but has the beat on simple male arithmetic: "Area Man Going to Go Ahead and Consider That a Date." The article in the satirical rag details a man's random encounter with a woman that blossomed into a 45-minute conversation.

It can go off in the absence of fire—a false positive: irritating, but far from lethal.

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