Dating a teisco


I haven’t been able to locate further specs on the TM-4, and unfortunately, mine is not a working unit so I can’t test it.

However, I’ve plugged in many Teisco models over the years and they all sounded “OK to good” in comparison to similarly priced mics of the same era.

It also has an LFO trigger button to start or stop the LFO on command.

Being among the first in the era of MIDI, its MIDI implementation is very basic and it receives on all channels.The filter also strangely jumps into self oscillation around the value point of 98 to 99.There are also both portamento and glissando, though it was uncommon to find both of these effects on synths of the time.In mono mode it is possible to have all 24 oscillators stacked into one for an extremely powerful sound.Leads, basses, brass, drones, pads and strings all have a unique analog sound on the SX-240.Veteran audio techs and musicians might be familiar with the name Teisco, and the company’s subsequent name, Teisco Del Rey.

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