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[Read: 16 signs you’re settling in an unhappy relationship] #10 Don’t chase the “bad boy”.

This is the most common mistake many women make, regardless of their age.

Remember that there are far worse things than being alone. Dating “boys” might be fun and all, but many of these boys will want you to take care of them. You want a man who is emotionally stable and invested in his feelings for you.

It would be more advisable to seek a relationship with someone who is already grounded and already has his future planned out.

#8 Don’t see everyone as “The One.” One of the common mistakes everyone makes in the start of a relationship is that they put too much focus on the idea of the partner and not the relationship itself.

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[Read: 30 honest life truths you must know before hitting 30] How to date in your 30s With age comes maturity… With that in mind, we’ll skip the dating basics you should have learned in your teens and 20s, and get right to dishing out more mature advice. Once you have reached the age of 30, you probably know what you want in life. You can now tell the difference between infatuation and love.

While there is nothing wrong with wanting marriage and a family, never pressure yourself to settle down just because everyone around you is either getting engaged, married, or having a baby. Try dating someone who doesn’t share the same views as you do. Challenge yourself to take your dating game to a whole new level.

[Read: 11 reasons to give the nerdy guy a chance] #4 Don’t let the hurts of the past prevent you from having a happier future. As much as we want to wish the past never happened, the mature thing to do would be to learn from it and move on.

Has the digital age made it easier for people to find true love?

Quite the contrary, finding love has become a lot more complicated. It is quite daunting, and it can take a lot of effort on your part. You might see a glimmer of her every time you look in the mirror, but you know that time has made you wiser and more in touch with reality when it comes to relationships.

Everyone deserves a chance, and don’t let your past hurts hinder you from finding your happiness. When you are dating in your 30s, you are looking for stability in a relationship.

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