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If you upgrade to a version that has CEIP functionality, decide if you want to disable CEIP, or leave it enabled. Additional general upgrade guidance can be found at Upgrade a deployment at Citrix Docs. To upgrade the operating system version of the Workspace Environment Management servers, it’s easier if you have a custom DNS name, or load balanced DNS name for WEM, instead of using a server name : Instead of in-place upgrading the VDAs, you can also rebuild them with the new software versions. To upgrade the operating system version of the Virtual Delivery Agents, it’s recommended to rebuild the VDA.

But keep in mind the following: On any machine that has Group Policy Management installed, in-place upgrade the Citrix Group Policy Management Plug-in by running the installer from the 7.17, 7.15.2000 LTSR, or 7.6.5000 LTSR Xen App/Xen Desktop ISO.

Use Citrix LTSR Assistant tool to confirm LTSR compliance.

There are three different LTSR programs: LTSR requires you to be on Customer Success Services Select, formerly known as Software Maintenance.

Sometimes release notifications are posted to Citrix Blogs, but this is far from comprehensive.

That’s because there are few dependencies between each component, as detailed earlier.New templates don’t break existing functionality – Upgrading the Profile Management group policy templates (files) will not affect existing functionality.The templates do nothing more than expose new settings that can be configured.zones/local host cache, app limits, multiple license types, tags, idle time in Director, TLS 1.2, etc. Don’t mix Current Release and LTSR components – As soon as you upgrade one LTSR component to Current Release, upgrade all other LTSR components to Current Release, and keep them updated with new Current Releases every 6 months.LTSR “compatible” components require frequent upgrades – Some components, like App Layering, are LTSR “compatible”, meaning there’s no LTSR version, but it’s OK to use them in an LTSR environment.The current versions of Xen App/Xen Desktop are collectively known as 7.x, with the .x ranging from 7.0 through 7.17.

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