Colorado springs dating scene


The girls will give the illusion of wanting to find a nice guy and date but really they just want a hook up. But you will have to go often and at some point you will come across a girl who you will be fond of.

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This is so foreign to me I feel like an alien when I try to comprehend it. And surprisingly, I've gotten that more here than when I lived in Mississippi and Colorado. I've only been with white guys my whole life, and I've been accused of not liking black guys. Anyway, thanks for answering my initial question.23 F just moved here from Texas!

Went on a couple dates and eventually found this guy.

Give it a chance:)Too bad you're not in Fort Collins, you sound great!

If anyone knows a good place like that would love to know, thanks As a young single guy, this thread is simultaneously depressing and oddly encouraging. Good Company and Dublin house were my stomping grounds.

Like at least I'm not the only one who's not able to meet women. It gets you far enough away from the downtown scene where most of the military hang out and you can actually have a good time with out the pressure of meeting someone...because of that...people tend to be more friendly. I met lots of girls just doing things through Meetup when I lived in the Springs.

A lot of guys here have stopped seeing me due to that. I've been told numerous times by white guys that "I'm attractive but they've never really been into black chicks".

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