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My hunch is that women’s and men’s choices might never completely converge.The key difference is likely to come down to the demands of breastfeeding following the birth of a child—an activity that’s energy-intensive, time-consuming, and quite difficult to integrate with paid work, at least as work is currently structured.

Of course, sexism varies within each society, and a nation’s overall level of gender-equality doesn’t necessarily translate to gender-equal attitudes among individuals.What if a society actually did achieve perfect gender equality?Would women and men hold essentially identical partner preferences?“Nevertheless, the same sexual strategies used by our ancestors operate today with unbridled force,” as the psychologist David Buss put it in (2003).“Our evolved psychology of mating, after all, plays out in the modern world because it is the only mating psychology we mortals possess.” (There’s little historical or intercultural research on LGBT mate preferences; such questions are clearly important, but sadly there isn’t yet sufficient data to examine them properly.) However, there has been a tectonic shift in gender roles over the past 50 years.But if mating preferences are biologically predetermined, individual sexism shouldn’t have an impact.

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