Who is thad luckinbill dating


Brittany helped Raul write his less-than-stellar college entrance paper which he had put off until the last minute.

They ran into each other a lot, and her presence seemed to bring Raul out of his despondency.

Brittany ended up serving probation and community service.

Brittany became very jealous when she realized the attraction between them.

Billy, Brittany, Raul and Rianna were chosen as the Glo by Jabot Kids as a summer promotion for the new Jabot teen line.

In 1999, Raul Guittierez, Billy Abbott, Mackenzie Browning, JT Hellstrom, Rianna Miner and Brittany were friends as they attended Walnut Grove Academy. But her parents were busy with their own lives and careers, so she spent more time away from home than not. Billy bragged about his experience with drinking, partying and girls while living in New York City. T., another expert partier, invited everyone to a party at a house where he was house-sitting.

Raul showed up in time to save best friend Billy's life when Billy suffered alcohol poisoning and collapsed in the snow, as neither Brittany nor JT was willing to call 911 and get themselves into trouble.

But it didn't go the way Brittany wanted because mother and daughter worked out the problems of the past and became close again.

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