Who is elan gale dating are ed sheeran and nina nesbitt still dating

and quit giving him all this attention if you hate him so much.Can't complain about the beast if you're the one feeding it, mmm?I do think he's kinda weird but it's nice if he actually cares about people makes me see him in a different light Hmmm. I think he’s a pretty smart guy who’s not intimidating looks wise, but speaks intelligently and so therefore is appealing to many of these Bach people. He takes pleasure in harassing her (she could’ve blocked him but still, he should’ve stopped) and because he thinks it’s funny, he won’t ever possibly be able to fathom why it’s wrong and inappropriate.He’s an addict, and from personal experience addicts are pretty good at manipulation. “If I think harassing ex-girlfriends is fun, then how could it be wrong? They’re pretty clearly fake and the whole saga was intended to advertise his book at the very end. He’s admitted to lying about past events that never actually took place— he makes up shit, just what he does. It reminds me of when Robby was insulting Amanda, posted it, thought he was clever/funny/a masochist IDK, and everyone hated him and he may have outed his own personal preferences Oh my god it just get going and going. Side eyeing all the people that likes these photos lol They're probably definitely fake but this isn't even funny or worth fakingy'all, come on, these are fake.definitely not , I know) former contestants think fondly of.Even the people from an older generation of contestants(5 years), who couldn't care less about casting for BIP and etc speak highly of him from what I recall.

(ie: he is only liked bc he is in power - Elan started out as a lowly field producer yet people were singing him praises) Even the people who drag the entire franchise and hate on the BTS crew, have come out to say that Elan is pretty much the only guy who actually cares.

By all account he cares as much as he have a job to do - and despite what most people would like to believe, it is categorically NOT to play best friends to all these people and look out for them 24/7.

His job is to keep the show's best interest in mind and sometimes this stands in direct contrast to some contestants' best interest, unfortunately.

It makes a lot of sense 🙂 Idk much about elan so good to get some background. 😬 dude is whack Holy shit this guy is such an asshole.

I'd really hope that this is just a really lame sense of humor and not true lol, which actually makes sense when you think of the plane thing. At first I thought he was a run-of-the-mill asshole that pretended to be friends with people so he could manipulate and embarrass them (ie every contestant on the Bachelor), but after reading those, I realize that he’s legitimately like a sociopath.

Wasn't this the same time that he was a self-admitted raging, abusive alcoholic?

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