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A dude dressed as everyone’s favourite rodent-shaped superhero took his fancy (“Big up Batman, I see you!”), as did a bloke doing acrobats near the front (“Yo big up the mandem doing backflips, I see you! Since Dizzee recently released a back-to-basics record, curiously timed to follow to resurgence of grime, you’d be forgiven for thinking he currently wants to be taken more seriously as artist.“Bestival 2017 my name is Dizzee fucking Rascal,” he shouted at the start of the show.

But do rappers ever really leave behind the ghetto, and can they afford to if they want to continue to produce music authentic to the street?But last night he seemed delighted to perform as the fantastically gifted mainstream entertainer that he was born to be.He even captured the evening by mounting his phone to the bottom of the microphone in order to film the audience as they went batshit crazy.PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Calvin Harris Dizzee and Calvin have collaborated numerous times before.The 32-year-old briefly transformed the muddy Dorset field into a sunny, far-flung destination. Leaving the concrete jungle of the Crossways estate in east London's Bow to live in a house in the leafy comfort of suburban Kent, Britain's most successful rapper has not so much got out of the woods as escaped to them.

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