What is an intimidating workplace

With the economic downturn, he seemed to be struggling more than others to meet his sales projections, and he valued the meetings as opportunities to discuss issues with his colleagues.

In March and April, John’s boss, Ted, the regional sales manager, had rescheduled the sales meetings for the first Thursdays but didn’t bother to tell John.

John complained to Ted about being out of the loop.

Ted said it was a simple oversight but told John he might have a better chance of getting back into the loop if he could make his sales projections.

John, a sales manager for a large manufacturing firm, rarely missed the sales meetings on the first Wednesdays of each month.Former employees of celebrity chef Darren Purchese say they were underpaid by thousands of dollars and personally intimidated by him in one-on-one chats at his upmarket Melbourne dessert shop.Some former staff said Mr Purchese, who has appeared on Master Chef and Neighbours, required them to regularly work more than 50 hours a week for 38 hours pay at his upmarket sweet shop in South Yarra — a claim supported by rosters and payslips seen by the ABC.John received no direct monetary benefit from his manipulation of the company’s records.On the contrary, the benefits derived from being a successful member of the sales team far outweighed his concerns about a reduced income.John felt he was forced to commit fraud because of his exclusion from sales meetings and Ted’s inference he would be “back in the loop” if he started making sales projections – a form of subtle bullying.

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