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I can base my opinion on Ukrainian ladies as I have personally met a few who are my friends and one is my wife (married in Feb 2016).I first visited Ukraine with friends back in 2012 and loved the country enough to learn Russian (which helps hugely if you want to meet a genuine person as well as with general travelling as nobody tries to screw you over).In our culture we are taught to acquire, taught to gain and accumulate more and more. Try Sweeping your own lies/Problems under a rug & see if They disappear! we lovingly pack ingredients into our formulations that will repair, strengthen, grow and help your hair to thrive.. I didn’t know it, but when I started dating I was looking for a father and I usually ended up with men just like my father, but they hid it well as he does. I truly wish my father would have never dated black Women if he hated us so much, but the manipulative and controlling part of him couldn’t help but to feed his ego with black women he knew wanted husbands and families.But to know the truth of what is, the truth of our own being, we have to let go, we have to lose all of our illusions, remove all of our mental hindrances, and let our true nature shine forth as it is. This is why now I don’t have problems with black men interracially dating because I would rather them do that then lie, trick and manipulate sincere black women which my beautiful wonderful mama is (❤️) .

Snag your tickets ahead of time and don't miss out! Down Load Music That Feed God Thought Energy& Bang Out!!! Reverse The Poisonous Effects&Bring It Back Home!!! I never understood why people keep going back to the same people that keep hurting them over and over again. Sadly “some” women keep going back just to get some dick🍆👈🏾 “some” men keep going back to get some head&😻 💦😛🤤 You allow these people to treat you like trash! mixed or otherwise is special it requires tlc in everyway. I actually started Hairducation Workshops in 2007 before we even had hair products... My own father and Matthew Knowles are around the same age and even though my father was mostly absent when I was around him I heard him spew evil ...You cannot capture the straw-man because you cannot capture that which does not exist. You cannot capture the straw-man because you cannot capture that which does not exist. tell them to take you into the Black's Law Dictionary or to show you case laws to prove their case. they cannot do it because the straw-man is not real and has no life. Im merely sitting it in front of your face, unapologetically. White people, if you’re ashamed of how uncivilized you’ve been historically and present day then stop being silent about it. DON' T LET ANYBODY FRAME THIS AS A HATEFUL OR ANTI CELEBRATION, THIS IS A BLACK ANKH LIFE CELEBRATION!!!!!!!You didn't create the straw-man so there is never any need for Moors to capture the straw-man to conduct business transactions and doing so is considered fraudulent. Put your ego down, apologize to us, ask for our forgiveness and clean your acts up. 💡 #Who Are The Real Thugs #Not Us We hope you enjoyed TRUTH's recent performance at Electronic Tuesdays for the Deep, Dark & Dangerous takeover at The Black Box! @bpmduvalchapter is in the business of showing our youth and community the truth!!! SUPPORT OUR BPM EFFORTS VIA TAX DEDUCTIBLE CONTRIBUTION USING our cash APP, $BPM4LIFE, or our Pay Pal, [email protected]!!All of these labels are nothing but words and concepts that mask our true identity. All of yall been lying & supporting the whitewash now we waking up its oh forget about it. I do know some men/women on instagram that will cater to your insecurities, and broken heart, but could give a damn about you! As the cash cow for many communities *black/afro/mixed hair is a hot commodity right now... fiĺled with suspicious ingredients masqueraded as natural stuff to supply our hair needs! I already hated my natural hair and NEVER felt beautiful wearing it because of the way he’d highly criticize every style I had no matter what.You are not the mind and it’s labels or concepts, but the observer who sees the mind and it’s concepts, the awareness in which these concepts arise. Just Forget About It' People...*** Truth is The Only Road To Peace & Humanity. We will As soon As Truth is Re Established & The Poisonous effects of the lies are reversed/brought back to balance. That’s why they tell you only what you wanna hear, and not tell you what you need to hear in order to bring a change👈🏾 that’s why you don’t like my quotes because they’re the truth yeah I’m talking about you! If I started catering to people insecurities, and broken hearts I would have close to a millions followers and the like button would going crazy! As the cash cow for many communities *black/afro/mixed hair is a hot commodity right ... The truth is, funnily enough *black-owned hair businesses benefit the least from the black hair industry. When smaller brands apply to supply the list of obstacles presented to us is so long. Even when I did the Big Chop for the second time on my solo trip to LA as a truly spiritually freeing moment when he saw it the only thing he said was “boys cut their hair not girls” (first of all I’m a woman not a girl).I've travelled the country from north to south and west to east and not a single time had any issues with gold diggers, dishonest taxi drivers or thiefs.

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