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"I had been to see Pete in hospital and was shocked and saddened by his condition after the secondary cancer had spread through his system.

Even since my experience with prostate cancer in 2009, diagnosis and treatments have improved radically.

So, this is very much about influencing attitudes." The Foundation holds a special place in the heart of the Muster family as performer Tim Gaze has been affected by the disease himself and credits Angry Anderson for virtually saving his life.

Tim has enjoyed a long career as one of Australia’s pre-eminent guitar players and singers, and through the years has been an influential member of several highly regarded Australian bands.

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CDs were downthree percent and vinyl up three percent.

"PCFA recommends that men over the age of 50, or over the age of 40 if they have a family history of prostate cancer, speak to their doctor about being tested for prostate cancer at their next health check...

Awareness is just so important – a large part of the reason that country men are doing worse with prostate cancer is that they are presenting to doctors with later, less-treatable cases.

It is time for men in rural areas to take the issue more seriously.

It is also important to understand that in the early stages of prostate cancer, when it can be treated and cured, there are often no symptoms.

Wholesale revenue for the Australian music industry grew for a third consecutive year in 2017, largely fuelled by paid streaming subscriptions, according to figures released by ARIA (the Australian Recording Industry Association).

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