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I guess this means I'll have to go back to my apartment to pick up more clothes since I'll be staying here longer." "Thank you. I know you have work on Monday and this is a real burden for you." "You're never a burden for me," I replied. "Thanks." With my breakfast finished, I was ready to leave and prepare for more days at my mother's house. "Maybe we can finish this conversation later," I replied. " My mother had a bewildered look on her face and she continued looking forward. You look like you just saw a ghost." I paused, "Did you... It moved to my private area and I started touching myself. This sounds serious and I need to know." "This is different," she said defensively. You wouldn't understand." I gave her a reassuring look.

"I've gotta get back to my apartment to pick up clothes and I need to prepare things for work tomorrow." She nodded. You're a grown man and I don't want to get in the way of your business. see something..." She turned her head and looked at me. "Don't forget that we'll be sleeping in the same bed again.

Maybe that'll work." Feelings of excitement came over me, but I didn't let it show.

And mom had bought herself an old Victorian home nearby in San Francisco. I've made some new friends already." "That's so wonderful to hear. I'd just keep that information to myself." "How sweet of you," she tried to joke back. It was good to hear your voice again." She sounded like her feelings were hurt from being teased. "A pretty old hotel." "Think of it as an old hotel, but with charm and character to it. And mom was completely serious about that phone conversation. They would happen randomly." "It's probably leaky pipes or rats between the walls. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten up in the middle of the night to make sure all the windows are locked or if something was crawling around. My mother is very smart woman, so maybe she's right? "Have you thought about selling the house and moving someplace else? Don't forget that no one had lived in that house for months. "That place is creepy." "But if it's not haunted, then what do you have to worry about? That was so weird." "Still think your mother is crazy? I just said that there's a rational explanation to these noises." "Then what is it? "I hope I'm not making you uncomfortable," she said as she got cozy under the blanket. I'm very lucky that I still get to hold you." I gave her a kiss on top of her head. I've never passed up the opportunity to hold a beautiful woman in my arms." "You know, I never properly thanked you." "For what? I sometimes imagine your father going down on me, and afterwards he grabs me forcefully and ravishes me until we're both completely satisfied. "That was...interesting..." "You asked..." she replied. "And now you know." "Yeah, I do." She put her finger on my lips to silence me. Of all the kisses she had ever given me, none of them had ever been on a place so intimate. " "This place has been inspected for everything, plumbing, pests, you name it. Honestly, that place gave me the creeps when I helped you move there." "I'm completely serious. There's no sound except for the cars outside and neighbors. there are these strange noises." I thought to myself once again. She's as rational and level-headed as a person can be. "But a lot of my money is invested here now and I'll probably take a huge financial loss if I try to sell it right away. There's something about it that I find comforting, except for what happens at night, obviously." "Hmmm... Give it a few more days and the noises might go away. You can leave on Sunday or Monday." "I don't know, mom," I replied honestly. It was awkward for a moment, but I did the gentlemanly thing and wrapped my arm around her. Lots of boys feel uneasy about being affectionate with their mothers. You've never had a problem asking that kind of stuff about me," I teased. Hearing you so passive about it makes me even more curious." She sighed, "You really want to know what goes on in my head? I was only joking with my mother, but hearing her talk about her sexual fantasies got my blood flowing. Thank you for staying in my room tonight, and for watching over me." With that said, my mother leaned over and gave me a kiss on the lips."If he thinks it'll work, then I'm okay with it," I replied. You know, it was some deep stuff we were talking about."So are you finally coming around to the idea that this home is haunted? "I know that you've never been a big believer in the paranormal or the spiritual." "All I know is that there were creepy noises in this house last night and I don't have an explanation for them. " "No problem," I replied, picking up my plate to leave. "The psychic mentioned how the entity felt something 'powerful' in this house last night when we were in bed together. It couldn't have been just me." I suddenly became coy. That's probably what your psychic friend was mentioning. Maybe you're just overreacting because of how scary your house looks at night. But I'm still not fully convinced your house is haunted. I laid down on my mother's bed and she turned off the bedroom lights, leaving us in the dark except for the faint moonlight shining through the window. To my complete surprise, my mother rested her head on my chest. One day you'll have adult children of your own and you're going to feel pretty disturbed if any of them ask about what you do with your penis." "Great point, but until that day comes, I'll still be interested in how you think of dad.

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