So im dating a rockstar


I had several rounds of antibiotics and it wouldn’t go away. My T-cell count was four, and I had several opportunistic infections, including PCP, histoplasmosis, and thrush. She grabbed my arm and she said, ‘Hunny, don’t worry about us. After I was getting out of the hospital, my parents pretty much moved to Little Rock. One of my jobs in Arkansas was, I was musical director at the dinner theater there, at Murry’s Dinner Playhouse. It’s not everybody’s experience, and I don’t claim for that to be. Tyne, who has never done any kind of film work or anything, we just grabbed his flip cam and filmed these sketches, and they were called Manhattan Man Travels. Let’s raise some money and get a budget, and hire film makers who are professional and fill out the cast. Charles Sanchez: We raised ,000, initially for pre-season, for pre-production. I mean, that’s part of it, is that you’re just sitting around, beating off, and looking for HIV stories to … So I thought I had, what I thought was a pretty stubborn case of bronchitis. But I went being from someone who was working three jobs, to someone who is on disability and getting out of … But, I kind of feel like I had to make a choice how I wanted to live. I kind of figured, I can be that friend, you know my buddy Charles has HIV and he’s fine. just choices that I’ve found in my journey, in the same way, that I had to make a decision how I was going to live from the moment that I received a diagnosis. obviously, if your family was there, they all knew. That first moment when they told me, my sister could see it in my face that I was concerned about what they were going to think. Luckily, I had really good friends who didn’t treat me any differently. Then I got my own apartment, and my parents moved back to Phoenix, and I kind of just eased back into life. I just don’t think there’s anything erasing the word AIDS, as much as we try to soften it. Josh:​ (Laughs) Charles Sanchez:​ (Laughs) Also, it’s what was said to me. ​ I just decided, my producing partner and I, my producing partner Tyne Firmin, we started… About, six or seven years ago, a friend of mine had wanted to do some work with me and he said, ‘Write a couple things.’ So, I wrote a couple things and then he fell in love, and fell off the map, but I had these sketches that I’d written. How successful have you been in finishing season two? That for the things that just incurred and things like our costume budget, we just didn’t … That was the problem was, our original budget was not realistic when we look for the things that we were trying to do for season two. Josh: How much money did you raise and how much do you need? And you don’t really have anything else to do, but comb the internet.

You can also check out this list of Blogger Net Worths I put together on my other site too, which will give you a good idea of how others calculate it (and even more juicier – what *their* net worths are ;)). Nobody cares as much about our money as you do, so always make that #1 priority.

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Here’s the exact template I use – complete with budget built in and all: J’s Financial Snapshot.

If you’re not a spreadsheet guy and prefer something more automated (which is fine, whatever gets you to ), you might wanna grab yourself a free Personal Capital account.

I really think that God did it on purpose, because he knew it’d get my attention and he knows that I have a flair for the dramatic.

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