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Lancashire-born Catharine has lived through two world wars and still remembers the last one extremely well. In Preston we could see the planes flying over to bomb Liverpool but it was the shortages and rationing that was really tough." Farnham racing driver Josh Hill is the son of Formula 1 champion Damon Hill, and grandson of world champion Graham Hill.

Hill Jnr is actively competing at international championship level.

A woman duped into sex by an online lothario using a fake profile has reached a major milestone in her campaign to force a change in the law.

Anna Rowe, from Rough Common, Canterbury, had received more than 30,000 signatures in support of her petition to make it a prosecutable offence for people to misrepresent themselves for the purposes of sex.

"Paul Martin grew up in government-run public housing in Farnham, England, a rough knuckles kind of town southwest of London. He ultimately ran a 300-employee business that rebuilt, refurbished and maintained office buildings and large residences.

At one point, his firm ran facilities management at Windsor Castle, home of the Queen of England." Martin was featured in the online magazine for his success in turning around a failed hotel in Sarasota County after spending over m.

Allotments came into their own in WWII when they contributed 1.3m tonnes of food from 1.4m plots.

The obvious obstacle for the pair is raising the money which is needed, yet their juvenile manner and rocky past might be their ultimate undoing.

Shooting will take place in Aldershot and Farnham from March 24th – 31st.

Expenses and a copy of the film will be provided." , Farnham was a 'rough knuckles kind of town' a few decades ago. He learned a trade and became an electrician by the time he was 17.

(1) The system of allotments, of which plots tend to be 5 rods (an Anglo-Saxon measurement equivalent to 5.5 yards (5.03m) were first mentioned in the late 1500s when Elizabeth I had land set aside for the poor when huge swathes of the countryside were being enclosed to their detriment.

Various Acts of Parliament followed in the 19th and 20th centuries further strengthening the provision of land for the poor to use for food cultivation.

"Writer/Director Stefano Margaritelli is casting for his upcoming University for Creative Arts 3rd Year Graduation Short titled ‘Small Boys.’ The story follows the lives of two brothers Darren and Tom.

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