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In most cases, you will not be covered for basic dental care.Also, if you leave the city to go on vacation or for a day trip, you will not be covered for any medical treatment.But if, at a later date you decide to re-apply, it will be very difficult to get another position in Saudi Arabia.Generally, the compensation for expatriates is based on the compensation of the country in which you are currently working.Physicians and most senior administrative positions are entitled to non-shared housing.All other contracts usually receive shared accommodations, with one — two other housemates.People on married-status contracts who are not in shared housing Most expatriate staff live in housing on the hospital grounds, or in a private housing complex (commonly called a "compound").A compound is an area of private property that is similar to a gated community. Some will have only the residential facilities, while others will have pools, fitness facilities, tennis courts, salons, and grocery stores.

Please bring prescriptions in the original container.You will need an exit/re-entry visa to come and go; these can be purchased individually or as a multiple.The hospital will provide any medical treatment and emergency dental procedures you require.After this time, you will be able to make vacation arrangements with your supervisors at the hospital, as you would in any workplace. cannot guarantee you vacation time for any particular dates, or for any length of time.While you are waiting to receive your residency permit (igama), which usually takes between 2 and 4 weeks (but can sometimes take months), you may not leave the country.The label must clearly state your name and the name of the medication (this is especially important when you are carrying medication on the airplane).

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