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Voluntary prostitution in Nepal is neither legal nor illegal.

Thousands of sex workers work in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, and urban areas within Pokhara and Terai.

One can take help from the internet by going through certain websites and forums providing information and details related to things that should considered in the matter of availing services form prostitutes.

Nepal is officially divided into 14 administrative zones and five development regions, but travellers might be more comfortable with the conceptual division below (based on the country's elevation).

There is no record of whether these workers voluntarily or involuntarily offer their services for money, but investigations have evidence of both within these areas.

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Whenever you are about to get in contact with a sex worker, always choose to stay alert and absolutely safe in the matter of STDs and other related issues that might come up with sexual intimacy.It is always important for an individual to prioritize health.Apart from that, one must also try and confirm that the person he is getting intimate is a professional with genuine purpose of offering sexual services related to adult entertainment and recreation.As discussed above, Thamel Street area in Nepal has an amazing nightlife with all sorts of intriguing attributes in store.Apart from that, you can try visiting certain bars and restaurants where adult services are available and offered to the potential visitors.One can easily find prostitutes in certain cabin restaurants, dance restaurants, liquor stores, lodging and more.

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