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When preparing to read a landscape, know what to bring and what to leave behind.Preparations for reading a landscape begin before the reader actually steps outside their door; the most practical consideration (aside from choosing a landscape to read) is deciding what to bring with you and what to leave behind.

A journal allows you to record observations, craft drawings of trees, plants, animals and other features you may see, as well as capture the sounds in your landscape.

We've added a few tips at the bottom that apply especially to landscapes in quite different parts of the United States and beyond.

Browse the page for ideas, themes, tips, and questions that seem intriguing..head out into a favorite landscape to give them a try yourself!

Rather, this page is offered as an invitation to begin exploring this endlessly fascinating subject on your own.

Remember that some of these suggestions are particular to landscapes of Wisconsin or the Upper Midwest, but most have much wider applicability.

Journaling requires you to observe the landscape with the naked eye, which requires focus on your surroundings.

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