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David Copperfield and James Steerforth visit the Museum there.( Buckingham Palace (Map: F-3) - Built by John Sheffield, 1st duke of Buckingham, in 1703.Paul's-churchyard to the end of King William-street.Its construction relieved Cheapside of the greater part of the heavy traffic.

Charles Darnay accompanies Sydney Carton down Ludgate hill to Fleet Street, and so, up a covered way, into a tavern.Purchased for the royal family in 1761 by George III.It became the official London residence of the monarchy in 1837 when Queen Victoria moved there. It was at its zenith shortly before the advent of railways, when Mrs. It has been said that she could make up nearly 200 beds there, and she lodged and boarded about three dozen of her guards and coachmen.It will continue to be updated and additional information is solicited.All additional information will be confirmed and added as it is received.Here, they were shown into a little room, where Charles Darnay was soon recruiting his strength with a good plain dinner and good wine.

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