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She was greeting the host and walked around the room.

She looked normal to him, and it was hard to believe that she was different.

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She was the victim haunting music pulsing at her throat she got popped.

[Read More]Tags: Ghost, Murder, Nightmare, Evil, Violence, Graphic03 Apr, 2017 PM A. Have you ever had the feeling that you are never alone in your room?

Something awake and breathing in the corner, or a breeze from your closet creaking slowly open, the abysmal void of darkness filling your room space, but never the sight of an entity that you imagine to be tall, made of petrified hands, its eyes being as bright as an old flashlight?

These stories are by nature twisted and disturbing.

Reading these stories may leave you in a shocked, disturbing, bizarre, eerie state of minds. And If you happen to experience some scary dark events or feeling like writing a dark story then please submit your stories with us.

A police officer does not come to a house and say: “Madame, I do regret to dispose of your heavenly evening but your daughter is farther and passed as she can get”.

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