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Under the circumstances, the FDIC employee may accept the invitation to attend the game.Even though the tickets were initially purchased by the member bank, they were given without reservation to the accountant to use as she wished, and her invitation to the employee was motivated by their personal friendship.

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An employee of the Securities and Exchange Commission and his spouse have been invited by a representative of a regulated entity to a community theater production, tickets to which have a face value of each.Three partners in a law firm that handles corporate mergers have invited an employee of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to join them in a golf tournament at a private club at the firm's expense. The employee cannot accept the gift of one-quarter of the entry fee even though he and the three partners have developed an amicable relationship as a result of the firm's dealings with the FTC.As evidenced in part by the fact that the fees are to be paid by the firm, it is not a personal friendship but a business relationship that is the motivation behind the partners' gift.One of these individuals works for a contractor that provides language services to the Peace Corps.The employee was acting in his official capacity when he met the individual at a meeting to discuss a matter related to the contract between their respective employers.Six individuals, each employed by a different defense contractor, who have worked with the Do D employee over the years, decide to act in concert to pool their resources to buy her a nicer gift than each could buy her separately.

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