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Jimmy and fellow comedian girlfriend Sarah Silverman have split, according to a report that was posted at Us Weekly earlier today, which was mysteriously removed moments later.Late night host Jimmy Kimmel and comic Sarah Silverman have called it quits after five years of dating, a rep for the couple confirms to Silverman, 37, was spotted at Hugos in West Hollywood on Saturday with a male friend.He’s also an abbott for the Friars Club in New York City.At the roast of Quentin Tarantino a few years ago, Silverman was a speaker on the dais and couldn’t help ripping into Lewis.Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel were the funny boyfriend and girlfriend we all grew to love, but their relationship didn’t last and Kimmel has since gotten married.Kimmel and Silverman were once titled as the “Funniest Couple Alive” by People.After showing a clip from her red carpet interview with Giuliana Rancic, Kimmel asked why she would reveal the contents of her purse on national TV. cameras didn't get a glimpse of, watch the funny video now!"I didn't know there was going to be a Clutch Cam..I have no shame about it. Pot is legal here and I like to have a little puff-a-roonie at the end of the night," Silverman explained. But I had a little puff at the end of the night like a lady."Kimmel decided to go through Silverman's clutch himself.

Maybe it was because Jimmy isn’t exactly a looker, and at the time, he wasn’t as famous and successful as he is now.Lewis laughed and when Silverman left the podium, Lewis appeared to attempt to congratulate her on a job well done, but she walked right past him. Jimmy Kimmel is having a good laugh- and not over his hilarious “I’m F#$%ing Ben Affleck” video.“She really looked like she was in good spirits,” an observer tells Us. Very animated.” But a few minutes later, Silverman – who ate organic quinoa topped with fresh fruit – grew somber and became enthralled in a heart-to-heart conversation with her pal.“She was talking and it looked like he was listening and then advising her,” the onlooker tells Us.“He hired me to do voices on [Comedy Central's] Crank Yankers and around the second season of that we started hanging out,” Silverman has said.

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