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All of a sudden HQ's interest in stories about devious pirating activities becomes quite noticeable.To an audience generally uninformed about what the New Media is like to begin with, whether or not the story is true is irrelevant: the ring of truth is what becomes important.This is Older Than They Think, as you can see from the very first examples.

" Otherwise-rational people faced with uncertainty about what the New Media is actually like decide that, just to be safe, or to grab some attention, they should go with the most inflammatory, headline-grabbing description they can come up with.This death of intellectual privacy was also a dream of the Nazis.And when I hear the term Kindle, I think not of imaginations fired but of crematoria lit." "No doubt of that," replied Don Quixote; "but it often happens that those who have acquired and attained a well-deserved reputation by their writings, lose it entirely, or damage it in some degree, when they give them to the press." "The reason of that," said Samson, "is, that as printed works are examined leisurely, their faults are easily seen; and the greater the fame of the writer, the more closely are they scrutinised.Almost every new medium of communication or expression that has appeared since the dawn of history has been accompanied by doomsayers and critics who have confidently predicted that it would bring about The End of the World as We Know It by weakening the brain or polluting our precious bodily fluids.The same thing has happened to basically every type of media in history, making this trope as old as mankind itself.Trust is a cornerstone of our mission at CBS Local.

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