Garmin problem keeps updating traffic receiver People cut with webcam having sex


I have minor issues with the MY300 but I can live with it as other brands (depending on the model) have their own issues as well.

I've used the unit for almost a week now and it always delivered.

Thats all i have noticed in a few days, except when I went to DSE prior purchase and asked them some questions about the my350, in particular about the auto off, I was told that getting info about navman was a waste of time – professional Not. Turto Hi OK Im on a road trip tommorow from Wollongong to Queanbeyan and will be relying on my unit to guide me to some fairy obscure quarry sites along the way.

I tried it out today and found that mounting to the window was ok, yes removing the unit from the mount was a bit worrying at first but i soon realised it isnt going to break (i hope).

Hands free voice control a bit tricky when fan is full on or when in noisy traffic.

Screen sensitivity is also an issue but you get used to it after a while – smart phones screens respond better.

Also get random crash messages from time to time relating to Windows CE.

The navigation is okay but the device is just hopeless.

I live in Sydney and i use the device every day and maybe once in a week it will start reporting traffic, every other time it just tells me no traffic available in my area.

Navman Support is there something i can do to get the device to have traffic working, i have tried everything.

Also the battery in my unit will only last about 10 mins and then i get the warning message to plug it in.

As for the power cable, no big deal for me as I already have other electronic stuff connected and cables running from various gauges and monitors along the dash (neatly) and go down the side of console to under the dash to a multipoint terminal block etc..

I did however have some trouble getting the voice recognition to understand very simple directions and cities, it kept suggesting places ive never heard of :( I gave up in the end and simply typed the directions in.

Hi I just bought an MY series Navman from DSE online 9 (free delivery) :) But i've since read some pretty scary reviews....

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