End dating relationship

You also want to make sure it’s not you that ends up going back to them or trying to start things up again."There's probably a clear reason or collection of reasons as to why things ended, so reminding yourself of that will also remind you that the relationship's not worth starting again," says Megan Sawey, a senior at Temple University.Plus, others have gone through this before you, and they’re here to help!Read on for ways to get over a relationship that never quite got started and for some collegiette advice for getting through the disappointment.

There’s no reason to endure the pain of a relationship that isn’t working, and you also don’t need to have an excuse that makes sense to other people in order to justify its end.

“I was in an amazing relationship with a guy who was my opposite in every way…we were so good together, but in the back of both of our minds, I think we knew it wouldn't last,” says Cristina.

“We couldn't see a future where we were together…I just had to keep reminding myself that we wanted different things in life.” Sometimes it’s really that simple.

Suddenly not having a person to go to for physical or emotional comfort is really jarring, and going cold turkey on this kind of intimacy and support won’t be easy. If this means you have to block their number or be irrationally angry for a little while, that’s fine!

“I'm taking it day by day and I'm focusing on myself, my friends, and my work,” says Catherine Lowe, a senior at Winthrop University.

“We got together several times after we broke up, which ended up being a mistake because in trying to end things civilly, we couldn't stop having the same problems we always did,” says Cristina.

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