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Leadership – The ability to understand what motivates others, relate in a positive manner, and to build stronger bonds with others in the workplace inevitably makes those with higher emotional intelligence better leaders.An effective leader can recognize what the needs of his people are, so that those needs can be met in a way that encourages higher performance and workplace satisfaction.Conflict Resolution – When we can discern people’s emotions and empathize with their perspective, it’s much easier to resolve conflicts or possibly avoid them before they start.We are also better at negotiation due to the very nature of our ability to understand the needs and desires of others.

Understanding the needs, feelings, and responses of those we care about leads to stronger and more fulfilling relationships.

When we have an emotional reaction to something, it can be due to the fact that we’re having some unsolved issues.

So next time when you feel like having some negative emotions, calm down and think about why you’re experiencing this.

Take a deep breath and write down the emotions you’re experiencing and the possible reasons.

When you have things written down, you can identify your emotions triggers and think of ways to deal with each of them.

Try to look at the same thing from a different perspective.

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