Dating recovering addict alcoholism

That night we get to his house and he tells me he drank over what he feels comfortable with and never wants to do that again. and thats when I get the full blown story of him being a recovering alcoholic. If you see tremendous potential in the relationship (as it seems you do), give it a few months.

and I see him drinking more than a glass, I kindly hand him the tea and go out of my way to ask him if he would like some water. How he takes on the challenge of recovery will tell you a lot about his strength of character.

AA is a wonderful organization but it isn’t for everyone.

The child carries these experiences into adult life.

Although most people couldn’t handle working in a bar and staying sober, there are people who do.

Your boyfriend needs to decide once and for all that he is more invested in his relationship with you than his relationship with alcohol. If he isn’t getting enough support through AA, he should consider getting himself into therapy with an addictions counselor or a psychologist.

He didn’t like the feeling of his face feeling hot.

I take him to a dinner party.just us and another couple.

Whether or not the relationship works out, participating in recovery work will teach you more about how to maintain your own boundaries and how to avoid being pulled into someone’s addictive behaviors.

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