Dating parker vacumatic pens


Parker has made it very easy to date some of their pens. Click the magnifying-glass symbol next to one of these images to view a zoomed image for more detail.

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There are some excellent Vacumatic resources on the internet.(Later models did away with this twist-to-lock feature.) Even though the pen’s small, it holds a surprisingly large amount of ink.The nib on mine is 18k gold and I’ve never had a problem with hard starts or skips. It could perhaps do with a little smoothing but it’s still pleasant to write with, even after all these years.Mine is an early model (more of that later) and has a lockdown system.To fill the pen, you unscrew the blind cap, give the internal rod a short twist and pull it out. Then push the rod back in and twist it to lock it in place.With this pen the tassie ring was also discontinued and the blind cap became rounded, like on later Vacumatics. Parker "51" Vacumatic Filler "First Year" The Parker "51" commonly referred to as a "First Year" pen is really a pen from late through They can be easily distinguished from later production by several unique characteristics.

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