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No desire to be just a bit funnier or smarter, better looking or a better athlete. Kiran says, "YES is the greatest word we have in our quiver of love arrows. A mighty sequoia that is immutable in its presence, strength, and inspiration.So large a champion of life that it daunts all in its proximity." 7.Like crazy texts from your ex immaturely, and I consider myself a very sane and rational human being.It was a sign, to me, that maybe I wanted to give myself a little more time to grow up before putting myself in that position again.Photo by Kiran Ramchandran, @KIRANCreates on Instagram. It's not like a "thing"; I'm not out on some crusade to be single.

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There's no struggle to play some archetypal role (the Sexy Slut, the Nurturing Mother, the Cool Guy). Your Hearts Say Yes You commit to each other whole-heartedly and without reservation. It's not, 'I think, therefore I am.' It's, 'I love, therefore I am.' There are no achievements that mean more to me, that I value greater, than growing this love--growing it large and strong, reaching for the infinite sky and pushing deep into the endless layers of the earth.

I've had bigger priorities, and in retrospect, looking back at all the weird places my life has taken me in the past few years, I can't imagine the strain of trying to keep something up with someone without limiting my options.

I have worked hard for the things I've wanted to make of myself, and being able to make snap decisions that I knew wouldn't drastically affect another person has been crucial to every little success.

It seemed stupid to limit ourselves when we were so young.

And if that wasn't enough to sway me to stop dating for awhile, I handled it really immaturely.

It's a Romance, not a Relationship Kiran and I wrote an entire blog on this subject alone. You ought to want to scream about your partner's awesomeness to the world.

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