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From all of the criticism about how "sullen" and introverted she came across in the press, I was expecting more of the same locked-down, living in Lisbeth's skin persona, and she's really not. It's also very clear that Rooney and Fincher are like siblings from another mother, regardless of whether they slept together. This is Rooney being Rooney in these interviews and behind the scenes clips.Kindred freakin' spirits like Anne Shirley and Diana Barry, those two. This isn't one of these situations like Kristen Stewart coming across as gayer than a basket of songbirds on The Runaways commentary because she's still channeling (and outgaying) Joan Jett.

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Obviously she pings when you see her as Lisbeth, and in her daily life, because it must be hard to get rid of a personage that was with her for so long in such a significant way as Salander was. This is Rooney being Rooney in these interviews and behind the scenes clips.

That's where Fincher, as a director, took her as an actress. She couldn't have achieved such acknowledgment for her performance if she wouldn't have work so hard to play that character, and the bisexuality was a remarkable aspect of Salander's personality.

Now, if she discovered some kind of sexual ambiguity in herself during filming, that's another thing; but, actually, she was just an average actress until Lisbeth.

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MTV News spoke to the actress, who plays the titular 'girl' Lisbeth Salander, at the premier of her new film earlier this week, asking her whether the rumours were true, to which she gave the matter-of-fact response, "no." She then went on to say, "I've been talking a lot with ['Dragon Tattoo' director David Fincher] about the sequel, and I don't know where that rumor was started — but it would never be a possibility."So, Craig's role is secured and with David Fincher attached as director who else cannot wait for the next instalment of the movie franchise?

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