Cebuano dating


I’ve never been on a weekday but people tell me its decent. The dance floor is small with most of the club filled with tables. I found it easier to open and chat up Filipina women outside because of the loud music, small dance floor and everyone grouped in tables inside. Try and find a hotel or Air Bn B anywhere in this area. The location is great as it’s right in the heart of the Davao city center. When using Grab, sometimes the Grab taxi will not answer your request or there’s just none around. The hotel staff or the security of the apartment complex can call a taxi for you.All the good bars, clubs and restaurants are located here: I stayed at the Magallanes Residences which is an upscale apartment complex. The residences are safe, clean and you can bring girls back here no problem. Filipina women in Davao tend to be more conservative compared to other cities in the Philippines.

I would consider Davao as a place to find a wife or long term serious girlfriend.Most of the bars and clubs are on Polo St which is in the city center. Nightlife here in Davao is not the biggest but it has enough. I was here on a weekday and no surprise it was dead. Huckleberry Southern Kitchen & Bar My favorite bar in Davao. The staff told me that it gets crowded on weekends. 100 peso cover (even on weekdays) but you get 1 free drink with that. Weekends are crowded with a good ratio of Filipina women. Crowded on weekends but I don’t know how it’s like on weekdays. Partly because of the Muslim presence in the island and the girls are more traditional here.Even if the girl isn’t Muslim she won’t easily spread her legs for you.The Filipina women in Davao have a reparation for making great girlfriends.

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