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They fall asleep watching dance clips, and all have strange dreams, all related to dancing. When Carly asks Jake to come to her apartment and see the i Carly studio, Jake says yes and quickly develops a crush on her.In the end, he ends up getting back together with his ex-girlfriend after she hears him sing on i Carly, and because he assumes that Carly is dating Freddie after seeing her kiss his nose.But when they use the green screen to get hilarious backgrounds, people come back and i Carly has more viewers than ever.Meanwhile, Spencer has a girlfriend who can juggle. Note: After this episode, Miss Briggs did not appear until the season 3 episode, i Have My Principals.

Carly eventually tells Nevel's mother on him and i Carly's status is restored.

Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture out of all the trash stored in crates.

Unfortunately, when Spencer powers on his sculpture, the power goes out, and they don't get to break a world record.

In the pilot episode of the series, Carly Shay (Miranda Cosgrove) is accused of photodocking Ms.

Francine Briggs head onto the body of a rhinoceros even though her best friend, Sam Puckett (Jennette Mc Curdy), did it.

While doing a "Blab Cam" bit on i Carly, Freddie gets a date with a girl named Valerie.

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